A whole post about bedding, apparently

A whole post about bedding, apparently

I know even before writing this that it will be dull to many people. But I also expect those people won’t be clicking on this post. And so, I hope the 5 of you that do read, get something from it.

So this post is all about bedding. Seriously. I have so many thoughts about it, that I can fill a blog post.

Wanting new, but not wanting new

This is how it starts; the flicker of an idea in my mind that I want something new. Stripping my bed earlier in the week to put on clean sheets and deliberating over 3 not particularly appealing options, I started thinking about how I was really ready for new bedding.

I chose one of the older 2 sets to put on the bed. White with black and silver bands sewn across the bottom. It was one of the two sets I bought when we bought our first home, meaning it is over 9 years old, and therefore when I describe it as white, I’d say it’s ‘old white’.

Yes, this one really needs replacing, I thought to myself, as I implemented the newly discovered burrito method for putting a duvet cover on. Except as I unfurled the duvet, I realised there’s nothing wrong with the cover really. A tiny amount of un-stitching. But you’d only know that if you were really looking. All the poppers are intact. No holes. No missing pillow cases. No real reason to replace, except wanting to.

Let’s overthink this through

I’d clearly thought it through. I want one but don’t need one. The situation has had enough thinking. But my brain won’t let it go. Apparently I really want new bedding. I don’t feel like new bedding is high on my priority list, but it must be higher than I’m giving it credit for, because I’m still trying to think up logical reasons why I should buy new bedding, even though I don’t need it.

My existing bedding, the oldest two sets, are 9 years old. I bet most people replace their bedding more often than every 9 years (my other two sets, at a guess, are about 3 and 6 years old), so I’ve already been more prudent and environmentally responsible than most people. That’s my next ‘for’ argument.

But doesn’t beat my original ‘against’ argument. There’s nothing wrong with the existing bedding.

My brain is apparently undeterred.

The next argument is that I invested in so few things in our previous home that it ended up feeling like a house we lived in, rather than a home. I don’t want that to happen in our new home. I want us to create a space where we feel like we belong. And honestly, this reason is so compelling. Maybe compelling enough to win against the argument that I don’t need it.

But my brain isn’t accepting that. I feel like I’m playing chess against myself. Except with bedding. It’s not just bedding; lots of potential purchases get the same treatment. A slow cooker, which I considered for two years before deciding not to buy one. An electric pressure cooker, which I considered for a fairly short 6 months before taking the plunge and purchasing one. But right now, bedding is the purchase under consideration.

So now my brain is reminding me of the things I’ve already bought to make our home feel like our home. New key chains. A door mat. Clothes pegs. A blind cleaner. Bath stickers. A table cloth. You get the idea. And there will be, I’m certain, lots more of homely purchases to come. It’s not as though we’re sat in a shell of a home.

Remaining undecided

I don’t think I’m going to buy new bedding. Not for a while at least. And yet, I can’t shake my want for new bedding. So rather than putting the idea to bed (lol at me), I can’t help but keep the idea in my mind that I could have new bedding, the arguments circling like ants trapped in a death cycle.

There are pros to this way of thinking. It really delays purchases. And puts a stop to a lot of purchases. I do have a few things that I regret buying, but honestly not many. This is good for our finances and for this fragile rock that we live on and call home.

Clearly, there are disadvantages. I cause myself unnecessary conflict, dwelling for such a long time rather than moving on once a decision is made. I don’t feel much joy from purchasing things, as they’re accompanied by internal conflict. I do, at least, feel satisfaction when I buy something that genuinely adds to our life.

‘Catching yourself’ to save money

If you’re a natural over thinker, you probably catch yourself before you buy unnecessary things. I think I recognise some of my tendencies in Penny from shepicksuppennies.com, or maybe something she is trying to work on to stop unnecessary purchases. Money is emotional and working through those emotions isn’t always easy. But if you want to buy less, either to save money, or because your house is creaking at the seams, or to do your bit for the planet, if you can ‘catch yourself’ before you spend money, it could be a good way to curb your spending.

Am I alone?

I know I won’t be alone. The phrase ‘analysis paralysis’ exists for a reason. But I’d love to hear how your mind works when it comes to wanting to buy new things. Drop a comment below 🙂

4 thoughts on “A whole post about bedding, apparently

  1. Friend, you are definitely not the only one who does this!

    150 things in my Watch list on eBay.

    How many of them have I bid on?


    How many will I manage to bid on before time expires?

    And if I did bid, how many would I win because I haven’t managed to opt out at the last second when someone outbids me?


    I keep eco-guilting myself out of buying things too…but we do need another bedding set 😫

    Then starts the whole ‘where do I get them from?’ shenanigans. Do we want quality? Eco friendliness? Colour choices? Availability? Arrrrrrgh……

    *pulls out old sleeping bag*

    1. Oh my gosh this is TOO FUNNY! 150 items in your ebay watch list 😂 😂 😂 I would feel smug at only having 1 item, if I didn’t have 80 things favourited on Etsy, which are all new items and therefore worse for my wallet and the planet than your 150 items. Aargh!!!!

  2. This is me with towels. I want new towels because mine gets all musty. I don’t need them, we can keep washing them with baking soda. But I want them. Our last new towels dated back something like 8-10 years. But we don’t NEED new ones. I just want them because I’m tired of stinky towels after three uses.

    I have not gotten them 😁

    1. I hadn’t even thought about new towels but now I want some of those too. And ours are absolutely fine! They’re about 8 years old too but fortunately we haven’t had a musty-smell issue. Not yet any way!

      It is reassuring to know I’m not the only one like this though 🙂

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