A jumbled update on me

A jumbled update on me

Gosh. This post doesn’t follow the rules at all. You know the rules. Give your audience something of value. Write within your theme. Blah blah blah search engine optimisation. Yeah. Those rules. Honestly, if I had to follow those rules (not that I’ve ever had to), I wouldn’t be writing. But I am here because I want to write. And if you are reading, hi! And thank you!

The ongoing Covid-19 nightmare

Obviously, you all know about the global pandemic. Some of you (if you follow me on twitter, which is 100% worthwhile btw) will know we had the coronavirus at the start of March, and my husband is still dealing with the after effects. Truthfully, we’re both dealing with the after effects. A lot of house hold/ parenting stuff has been on me and it has been hard.

I’m not sure what week we’re on- week 26 maybe?- but actually we’ve started to awaken from the nightmare. I might sound like one of those people trying to rip you off with the next best diet that will revolutionise your life. I’m not. Quite.

About 5 weeks ago, he read an article with case studies featuring patients that had had serious strokes and cancer, as well as others that I can no longer recall. I don’t have the link, alas, but these patients massively switched up their intake of fruit and veg, whilst continuing with meat, fish and dairy, but consuming less refined sugar. He’s now eating a minimum of 8, but as many as 14 (yes- fourteen!!!!!) fruits and vegetables per day. There was a time where some days we’d only manage 3 or 4 before. Slowly but surely, it seems to be making a difference. He’s not 100%, but I’d say he’s back to 70% (from a low of 10%). It’s actually unbelievable. So go eat some carrot sticks.

No more grocery shopping hacks

Somewhere on this site, you’ll find tips on saving money on fruits and vegetables and grocery shopping in general. I used to keep such a tight grocery budget, and would choose the same, cheap fruits and vegetables week after week to keep within budget. But five weeks of my husband proving that what you eat makes a phenomenal difference to your health, and I find it hard to advocate for £50 per week food budgets.

I know how mind blowingly lucky I am to be able to increase what we spend on food shopping; so many people are facing food insecurity and hunger every day, even in the UK. But if you have the money to spend a bit more on a wider array of fruits and vegetables, I honestly see it as an investment in your health, and therefore one of the best investments you can make.

But food waste… you should definitely minimise!

On one hand, I’m saying it’s good to spend more on food, but it’s stupid for your bank balance and the planet if you buy food that you throw away. We’re keeping our food shop to only once weekly by relying on stuff that doesn’t go off quickly (bananas, pears, clementines), stuff that hasn’t ripened when we buy it, tinned vegetables, dried fruit and frozen fruit and vegetables.

So food waste management is mostly good (and it’s nice to have something to feel good about, even if it feels inconsequential give the current state of the world). What is less good is how much more single use plastic seems to be passing through our kitchen.

We’ve moved house- Yay!

Okay, so it has been painful. We’ve wanted to move house for 4 years, then right in the middle of a pandemic when my husband is struggling with his recovery, the perfect house comes on the market. So whilst keeping the parenting plate precariously spinning, the employee plate spinning, the clean house plate barely spinning, a new plate was added to the set. The moving house plate.

There were tears. There was stress, There was a lot of wondering wtf we’d been thinking. But we’ve moved and already it feels like home. Not only that, but (for now- touch wood), our toddler’s sleep has improved (always worth taking a mortgage out for, right?)

So I’ve gone from being blissfully mortgage free to having a big, scary debt to look at every time I check my online banking app. And I shouldn’t say this as a personal finance blogger that’s semi interested in financial independence (but I’m not following any rules so *shrugs* whatever), but if you want to spend more money on a better house, go for it if you can reasonably afford it. This time, I’m not going to be as extreme in my mortgage payoff. Now, I have a toddler to demonstrate balance too. Plus, I have a healthier attitude to money that I don’t want to lose.

Final notes

I know this was a fairly self absorbed post. I know that life is significantly more challenging for a lot of people and a lot of what I’m struggling with (included here, and general thoughts that whizz round my mind) but as a little piece of self care, I needed it. If you have things you need to share, feel free to drop me a comment (and I’ll try to remember to log in sooner than December) or tweet me!

Also, my blog was rescued from the abyss (after may regular payment card expired and I didn’t update my hosting account) because the lovely black penny let me know it’d vanished. So I took it as a sign, that someone wanted to read something I read, and it was worthwhile to get it back. And I’m going to try to be back here more often. Even if no many rules are going to get followed.

4 thoughts on “A jumbled update on me

  1. Yay so glad to hear from you about You. Honestly I enjoy THESE kinds of posts. Not the regulated rulesy kind where you’re supposed to follow some format. I care about the people who write, not just tips.

    Congrats on the new house and settling into home, though my mortgage debt ruefully tips a hat to yours. It’s not easy adapting to the mortgage debt, mentally, I don’t think.

    We’ve had more single use plastic come through lately too and it stinks. We’ll get back to less of that as soon as we can.

    1. Thank you 🙂

      The mental shift to having a mortgage was as big as I expected. We want to pay it off quickly but I appreciate balance far more now!

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