They’re probably doing it with debt

They’re probably doing it with debt

Have you ever looked at someone’s life and wondered how they’re doing it? How they’re affording nice cars, days out, designer clothes and overseas holidays?

Perfectly curated Instagram feeds and glamorous Facebook statuses mean everyone has more people to keep up with. It’s difficult to see how people are affording lavish lifestyles but easy wonder how people afford a seemingly constant stream of expensive things.

Behind the scenes

Firstly, it’s easy to show what you want to show on social media. Secondly, there could be any number of reasons behind someone’s ability to spend lots. They may get family help or have received a large inheritance. Lots of people make extra money side hustling for cash (perhaps your neighbour is a huge, anonymous blogger!) Some people will be reaping the benefits of buy to lets or other investments.

There’s a good chance that lots (most?) of them are paying for it with debt, especially since credit card debt is supposedly growing at the fastest rate since the recession ( At some point, they’ll need to pay that debt back, and that will hamper them from being able to build their savings and invest for their future.

You do you

Is it likely that the people you’re seeing are astute financial guardians? If you’re seeing lots of lavish expenses, the answer is probably not.

Being frustrated or disheartened that people have what you don’t have isn’t going to change your situation. Instead, you need to do you. So whether that’s changing your expectations or desires, slashing your costs or increasing your income, or taking some time out from social media, focus on what you’re doing with your life rather than looking longingly at other people’s lives.

There’s a good chance, a few years from now, they’ll be looking back at you wondering how you’re so with it and financially secure.

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