Is life too short to blog?

Is life too short to blog?

Do you ever find yourself wondering if life is too short to blog? I’ve wondered it since starting to write almost a year ago.

There is one reason why people blog, and that is to reach people. There are many reasons for wanting to reach people- to help them, to connect with them, to make money from them, to show off, to build a community, to inspire, to persuade, to receive validation, etc. But if we didn’t want to reach people, if we were writing for the pure joy of writing, we wouldn’t need to hit publish on our posts, wouldn’t need to put our words out there on the world wide web.

It is both easy and difficult to reach people. Easy because so many people now have access to the internet. Difficult because there are billions of other pages out there vying for people’s attention.

To build a blog that people read (and I mean more than 10 or 20) takes a lot of time and effort. The pursuit of readers consumes a lot of your time, and I’d wager that, before you started blogging, you didn’t spend hours on end at a loss for what to do with your time.

And so, this question of whether life if too short to blog has been on my mind. Rather than thinking about how I can attract more readers or constantly considering new topics, should I let it all go and get on with ‘living’. Many people who start a blog do just that, and who could blame them? I decided that when I went on holiday earlier in the year, I’d take two weeks off. No signing in to check stats. Nothing scheduled. No plans to draft. At. All.

Throughout the two weeks, ideas popped up here, there and everywhere. Good ideas too, better than some of the posts sat in my drafts. Time spend travelling, on a train or in an airport departure lounge, was greedily gobbled up penning words to paper.

Staring at a laptop screen night after night isn’t conducive to interesting posts about money. Following the same routine, talking with the same people, and reading the same news source isn’t either.

It makes sense now, but when life is dull, writing is dull. When life revolves around writing, rather than the other way around, THAT is when life is too short to blog. But when life inspires you to write, then that is exactly what you should do! I might not be wedded to a schedule that every ‘how to be a successful blog’ tells you that you need to be. But when I write, I’m going to enjoy it!


What’s my why for blogging? Well that’s not as straight forward an answer as I thought. I guess I’m arrogant enough to believe what I write could help people not just improve their finances, but improve their lives too. That’s what I’ve gained from others and what I want to give back. I want to be that next article someone pours over when they’re trying to repay their mortgage or work out how to start investing and have it just ‘click’ with them. What about you?

4 thoughts on “Is life too short to blog?

  1. Love this, Sarah! It’s so true – when you’re out there living your life, so many great ideas come to you. I’ve asked myself the question “Is life too short to blog?” many, many times. When the answer is “yes” – I usually realize I’ve been spending too much time focused on it and not balancing it with my life. But I keep coming back to the blog. For me, it just has to be on my own terms – and I have to maintain that balance.

    1. Thanks Amanda 🙂 I totally agree. I’m not going to beat myself up when I don’t post once a week, and if I feel like posting twice, then I’ll go for it. Th summer makes it much more challenging because I want to be out and about, whereas in winter in nice to be snug and warm, tap-tap-tapping away on the laptop 🙂

  2. Well said Sarah. I reached a similar conclusion a few months ago, around the time the weather started to warm up!

    Enjoy the sunshine, write when you’ve got something to say, and find your happy. That seems to be working for me anyway, I’m enjoying the blogging more since I ditched the schedule and the social media time suck.

    1. Thanks for the comment, sorry it’s taken so long to respond but, THE SUNSHINE ARRIVED! I gave up facebook 8 years ago to get my life back. Now I’ve gone and joined twitter. Fortunately, I’m wiser than I used to be!

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