What to do on a no spend weekend with kids

What to do on a no spend weekend with kids

Whilst it may be simple to have a no spend weekend with kids, it’s most certainly not easy.

Kids may not like doing the things we adults do to spend money- like food shopping for instance- and are happy with simple things, but it’s much more difficult to organise pulling off a no spend weekend with kids.

It’s easy to say ‘kids enjoy the free stuff just as much as expensive stuff’. It’s difficult, as adults to follow our own advice.

We want to make sure they’re exposed to a range of environments that we think are good for them- either for fun, development or both, and are happy to pay for that.

I’m guilty of telling my sister that she doesn’t have to spend money to entertain the girls, but as soon as I have them for a day, my mind jumps to all the cool places that we can visit and the free stuff doesn’t feel as fun to me!

I know that kids enjoy the free stuff- I was a kid once myself- and I’m sure you know that too! Whether you’re ready to tackle the mountainess challenge of a no spend weekend with kids in tow, or just want ideas for a few activities where you can keep your purse or wallet tucked away, check out my list of ideas for a no spend (family!) weekend.

32 things to do on a no spend weekend with kids

  1. Pond dipping- you can make your own net and download a guide to insects here 
  2. Feed the ducks
  3. Go on a bike ride
  4. Play in the park
  5. Launch a rocket
  6. Fly a kite
  7. Make a kite if you don’t already have one
  8. Craft recycling- Dig out cereal boxes, loo roll tubes, egg boxes and get creative!
  9. Play board games
  10. Make a new board game
  11. Make a treasure hunt
  12. Play hide the pegs in the garden
  13. Wash the car… just don’t expect perfection from little helpers!!
  14. Go on a nature walk
  15. Creative fun with a cardboard box
  16. Visit the library
  17. Watch a movie (you’ll probably be able to borrow for free from the library)
  18. Try geocaching
  19. Check out your store cupboard and bake up some tasty treats
  20. Have a picnic
  21. Make greetings cards
  22. Go to the beach (or a nearby play area with a sandpit)
  23. Visit a museum that has free entry
  24. Go for a stroll, walk or hike
  25. Make a bird kebab
  26. Play pooh sticks
  27. Go puddle jumping
  28. Make an obstacle course- indoor or outdoor
  29. Do some gardening (even if that just means digging a hole and watering the lawn!)
  30. Visit a pet shop
  31. Read and make up stories
  32. Take part in or watch local events in your town or city, like car shows, morris dancing or carnivals!

Ready to give it a shot?

It may not be as tough as you think! I have 5 simple tips for how to have a successful no spend weekend to help you along the way too!

If it seems to daunting right now or you wanna save this for later, why not pin it?

Have you tried a no spend weekend with kids and how did you get on? Was is easy or hard and what did they think of their weekend?

4 thoughts on “What to do on a no spend weekend with kids

    1. It’s so much easier to give that advice than to follow it, I know! But parks and the beach are awesome for kids- I always loved them when I was younger. And if it means you have an extra £20 to put in their savings accounts, they’re sure going to appreciate it when they’re older!

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