Lazy frugal tips

Lazy frugal tips

Lazy frugal tipsIf you’re looking for lazy frugal tips, you’ve come to the right place! Trying to fit saving money into a hectic schedule is not easy. It’s great to have a freezer full of batch cooked food, but you have to find the time up front to do it. So I’ve come up with some lazy frugal tips to help save money with very little effort. These are things I do week in, week out. Some of them even make life easier, so there’s no excuse!

Even if you do love traditional thrifty and frugal tips, you might find something here that fits the bill and makes things a little easier.

Wash clothes on a shorter cycle and/ or lower temperature

If you washing your clothes anyway, it takes no extra effort to use a different cycle. I started by washing clothes at 30ºc instead of 40ºc, and for lightly worn items that need to be washed, I opt for a 1 hour cycle instead of over 2 hours.

According to Which?, 20ºc is enough to clean most stains, so I’ll be trying this from now on. For bedding and towels, I stick to 60ºc.

Buy non-branded medication

If your buying medication, such as paracetamol, ibuprofen or hayfever tablets, it’s much much cheaper to buy non-branded drugs. You may need to take the effort to bend down to the bottom shelf (the expensive ones are the easiest to reach, obviously) but that’s the only thing you need to do differently.

Frozen vegetables

If you can put bags of frozen vegetables in your trolley (online or in store), boil the kettle and put the vegetables and water in a pan for a few minutes, you can make use of this frugal tip.

And it helps you be frugal in a few ways by:

  • Making cooking easier; you’ll be more tempted to cook from scratch than rely on convenience food when your vegetables are 5 minutes away from being cooked.
  • Producing less waste. You’re not going to have half your broccoli go mouldy!
  • Quite often, it’s cheaper than fresh. Green beans is a good example, where you can pay 80p or more for a small fresh tray, or £1.10 for a frozen bag.
  • Making it easier to reduce meat the amount of meat you eating. Eating less meat is an easy way of saving money on your food shop. A variety of vegetables on your plate makes it easier to deal with 🙂

Freeze without blanching

I recently learned that you don’t have to blanche vegetables to freeze them. I like to have veg on hand and often preserve fresh vegetables if I have more than I need for a meal, but blanching them (boiling in water for a few minutes then plunging in ice water before freezing) feels like a nuisance.

Carrots and broccoli are especially good. In the case of broccoli, just cut up your florets into whatever size you want, stick them in a freezer bag and straight in the freezer. Carrots are a bit more effort, needing to be peeled and sliced quite thinly, before freezing (I reckon you can get away with not peeling, to be honest, making this an even easier frugal tip). They just take as long to cook as if you hadn’t frozen them.

Drink tap water

It’s the easiest drink you can get yourself and surely the easiest way to be frugal. No cost of squash or tea bags, no need to use electricity. And it’s easy to wash up.

Watch TV snuggled under a blanket

If you’re watching TV (reading a book, surfing the net, or any other seated activity), rather than crank up the heating, see how long you can make do snuggled under a duvet or blanket.

Wash your hair less often

By washing your hair less often, you’ll use less shampoo and have shorter showers. I used to be adamant my hair needed to be washed every day, until I started to skip a day. Then, when I’d gotten used to that, I skipped two days! That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far, but I’m following in the footsteps of friends who have successfully extended their hair washing to once per week!

I used to buy a large bottle of shampoo and conditioner every month, at least, but I buy a heck of a lot less now.

Other lazy frugal tips?

Hopefully this goes to show there are some frugal things you can do that take little or no time.

Do you have any other lazy frugal tips? Let me know in the comments below.


18 thoughts on “Lazy frugal tips

  1. Great tips, Sarah. The one about non-branded medications is one I follow to a T. I go through aspirin, ibuprofen and over-the-counter allergy pills like water. Seriously. Am I really going to buy 100 tablets of Benadryl for $12 at Walmart when I can get 200 of the store brand for $7?

    1. Thanks Mrs Groovy! There was a time when I used to go for branded medication. I’d think it was worth it because I was ill. But they have the same ingredients, so you’re paying for advertising and sexy packaging, I’ve learned I don’t need either. Plus, spending twice as much can make a headache worse!

  2. Enjoyed reading your tips! Would love to know how it goes with washing stuff at 20 degrees – I haven’t been brave enough to try below 40 degress myself. However, according to our washing machine repair man, it’s also worth running an empty machine one a month on 90 degrees, to really clean it out and get rid of any gunge from using washing liquid or tablets. Good luck with the money saving!

    1. Thanks Faith. That’s a handy tip re doing a wash at 90 degrees. Worth spending to prolong the life of the machine 🙂

    1. I know, a lot depends on hair type. I’m going to make the most of washing less often whilst its working for me and keep my fingers crossed that my hair doesn’t change!

    1. Thanks Sharon, I think there are always extra little ways to save a bit more, and when they’re easy like this, I’m all for it!

  3. These are great tips, I do many of these myself. The blanket/heating one has taken me years to get into my husbands head! We have also converted all our lightbulbs to long life energy saving ones. I’m not sure how much difference they make and they were obviously an initial cost but in nearly three years we haven’t had to replace a single one!
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

    1. Hey Kirsty, We’ve switched all our bulbs for low energy ones too but, like you, I do wonder how much difference they make. If they need replacing less often, that in itself will save cash in the long run 🙂

    1. Don’t know if you’ve seen the comment from bread, but apparently own brand medication is usually made by the same company as branded… so we’re well justified in choosing the cheaper option. Paracetamol especially, like 19p instead of £3+?!

  4. I work in a pharmacy and always try and get people to buy the own-brand stuff. It’s all the same ingredients. Half the time it’s made the same company as the brand stuff but boxed differently. #kcacols

    1. I didn’t realise it’s usually made by the same company! Thanks for the info, I’m even more confident in choosing own-brand stuff now 🙂

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