Eeeek! I’m on the verge of a no spend weekend!

Eeeek! I’m on the verge of a no spend weekend!

I’m interupting my posting schedule (I know, there’s not much of a schedule anyway!) because I just realised I’m on the verge of a no spend weekend!! Whether you’re looking forward to your own no spend weekend, in the middle of a (scary sounding!) no spend month, or just looking for a few fun things to do without spending money, check out my plans for ideas!

How I ended up on the verge of a no spend weekend

I usually do our food shopping on Saturday or Sunday. Even when I get the food shopping done in the week, I still end up spending money on Saturday morning by popping down to the butchers for meat.

Looking in my freezer, I have plenty of meat and I got my food shopping done and dusted yesterday.

As I was folding my clean washing, I started thinking about how I’d spend my weekend.

Enjoying the great outdoorsDSCF1154

We have more snow forecast overnight and tomorrow morning looks sunny. Although I don’t really like being cold, I love how picturesque everywhere looks under a fresh blanket of snow and as we have snow so rarely, I always like to get out for a walk in the crisp fresh air.

So thats fun free* activity number 1!

Recovering from the great outdoors!IMG-20160626-WA0003

We were really lucky at Christmas, receiving not one, not even two, but three new board games! We didn’t get chance to get any out last week so I’m desperate to get them set up and start playing. We have plenty of tea plus boxes of chocolates and a big bag of kettle chips left over from Christmas, so we’re even sorted for treats!

For those of you counting, that’s fun, free* activity number 2!

Food glorious food

Next I got thinking about tonight’s meal. We received a few bottles of wine at Christmas that haven’t been touched as one or the other of us hasn’t been very well. As we’re having lamb leg steaks, I’m looking forward to enjoying it alongside a glass of vino.

And I’m sure you’ve clocked that this is fun, free* activity number 3!

It’s looking promising!

So far, I have an indoor activity, and outdoor activity and a home cooked meal to look forward to, all of which I don’t need to spend money on. Which made me think, it should be easy to keep this a totally no spend weekend.

Add in to the mix a visit to parents, a relaxing hour with my book and (of course) the season finale of Sherlock, I think I’m in with a really good shot at a no spend weekend.

Why does it matter?

In the grand scheme of things, a no spend weekend sounds like it doesn’t matter. Ultimately, you can divert your spending to before or after the weekend. You can go all out next weekend and make up for what you missed out on.

I think it matters because it is a start point for realising spending money every day doesn’t have to be the norm, that you don’t have to spend money to have fun, and you can most definitely live on less.

I’ll update you on how I get on next week!

In the mean time, let me know if you’ve got any free or frugal plans this weekend. Do you think you could manage to have a fun filled weekend without spending any money?

*There are obviously things I’ve already had to spend money on to be able to do these things, such as my well-loved walking shoes, but ‘free’ sounds a bit simpler than ‘thing which I have paid for prior to this weekend’.


6 thoughts on “Eeeek! I’m on the verge of a no spend weekend!

  1. You’re spot on with the psychological benefit being a huge benefit. I’ll need to try a no-spend weekend soon.

    When I lived in Southern England and Wales I had little money and became an expert on doing free activities. As an American I LOVED visited the old cathedrals , castles, and abbeys (Wells Cathedral, Caerphilly Castle, and the abbey ruins in Abergavenny are my favorites!)

    We took full advantage of the many hiking trails across your amazingly beautiful country. Bath – can’t get enough. The Glastonbury Tor. Plymouth ended up becoming my favorite area and I loved being at the Plymouth Hoe to enjoy the green space and the water. The beach at Exmouth is fun. All free! Now I’m home sick for my second home!! Can’t wait to come back.

    1. I’ve been thinking I need to get to grips with a no spend weekend for ages. It feels like it happened by accident but maybe I’ve subconciously headed this way! My stomping ground is the peak district although I don’t know how accessible it will be with the snow. Fortunately, our town has a rural feel and we don’t need to walk too far to end up on a country road 🙂

  2. Ooh, you’ll have to tell us how the games go. We got Carcassonne for Christmas around here too, along with Small World, so we need to break out the board games.

    Our snow here is melted, so we will likely spend much of the weekend repairing the damage to our driveway. We now have deep muddy ruts, and we’ll need to fill them in lest we get stuck.

    1. I haven’t played Small World, but Carcassonne is one of the first games I had (well, as an adult) and I absolutely love it. Sometimes, we take it out of it’s original packaging and take it with us when we travel as the components don’t take up much room.

      That sounds like hard work but a good way of getting moving (loved that post btw). 🙂

  3. My wife and I love to play board games. We LOVE pandemic especially since it\’s cooperative. We are expecting some snow/ice tomorrow so we are definitely planning on staying in the house tomorrow until it calms down. So we\’re going to play two games that we got for Christmas, 7 wonders and Codenames. Both take less than 30 minutes to play which is a perfect time slot with an active 15 month old running around 🙂

    1. Pandemic is one of my favourites, although I hate to put it away without winning so it can result in some very late nights! I had codenames on my Christmas list, it looks like a fun but still challenging game. It gets a lot more challenging with small people in the mix. My neice wanted to join in with ticket to ride when she was 3 because she liked all the train peices. It wasn’t the most successful game! Hope you have a great weekend and the snow doesn’t linger for too long 🙂

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