Weirdo things I do to save money- Part 2

Weirdo things I do to save money- Part 2

Debt is normal so to repay it, you’ve got to be a weirdo. According the Financial Panther, that is, and I’ve got to say, it makes a lot of sense.

It got me thinking about what weirdo things I’ve done that have helped me repay debt. Easier said than done, because these ‘weirdo things’ are the norm to me. I’m pretty convinced some can become the norm for you (if they’re not already). I’ve already shared the weirdo things I do to save money in the household budget, but here’s a load more weirdo ways I’ve saved money on more personal expenses.

Setting a ‘low’ budget for Christmas gifts

In particular, the gifts that my husband and I buy for each other. Our budget for Christmas and birthday gifts for one another has fluctuated between £30 and £50.

I could think of loads of ways that I could spend £200 at Christmas and another £200 on his birthday. He could think of ways to spend the same on me. We’d prefer to keep spending on gifts to (a still generous) £200 in the year, and have £600 to spend on other things. Weird, huh?

Don’t wear make up (or rarely, at least)

I wear make up so infrequently that it seems weird to me that people spend so much time and money on it, but equally I know that not wearing make up seem weird to lots of people. For me, a #NoMakeUpSelfie is also just a #Selfie.

It’s not that I never wear make up; I own a palette of 4 eye shadows and black mascara, as well as four or five bottles of nail varnish.

Drink tap water and carry a bottle with me

I used to have a Saturday job working in Woolworths (remember them?) The number of people who bought drinks; cans, bottles and cartons, soft drinks, juices, smoothies and water amazed me. It seemed completely weird to me.

It’s so easy to fill a reusable sports bottle and drop it in your bag before you leave the house; kinder on your wallet and the environment.

Avoid hand wash only items… like the plague!!

Far from insisting I can only possibly wear a dress once, I like to get my cost per wear down on my clothes. I can’t do this with handwash only items, because they either sit in my wardrobe, remaining clean, or they sit in my washing basket, waiting to be washed. Not only that, but they tend to be pricey for such an inconvenient item.

Play board games

“Shall we have a board game night?” is music to my ears, but it’s still quite unusual. More and more people are cottoning on to some of the amazing games available now (I’m not talking about monopoly here!) and I can’t help but think it’s a good thing. The opportunity to interact rather than stare at screens, to think strategically and sometimes cooperatively, to have an awesome night in for the cost of tea bags and biscuits… Maybe it’s weird, but I’ll take weird any day!

You can be weird too!

So here’s my rallying cry- come and be weird with me. Even share your weirder ways! Embrace it. You might find that weird is pretty normal after all.

What weird things do you do to save money on your personal budget? Do they seem normal to you, have they become normal, or do they still seem a little odd?

2 thoughts on “Weirdo things I do to save money- Part 2

  1. I do so many of these! I rarely wear make-up – partly due to severe hay-fever and allergies and partly because there is zero point me wearing at work in hot kitchen. Occasional nights out and the odd lunch date is about as often as I get dolled up. Love a good board game too – I am a fan of anything quiz related – my new favourite this year is Smart Ass.

    1. Quizzes are great fun 🙂 Quite often, we only have 3 players so don’t do them too often, but each Christmas someone in the family tends to write their own, which is always fun! I’ve starting discovering co-operative games where all players work together and compete against the board, a lot more social than watching a film! (Although I enjoy watching films too…)

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