Weirdo things I do to save money- part 1

Weirdo things I do to save money- part 1

I recently read an article by Financial Panther that said debt is normal so to repay it, you’ve got to be a weirdo. It got me thinking about what weirdo things I’ve done that have helped me repay debt.

It took some thinking about at first, because these ‘weirdo things’ are the norm to me. But after scratching my head, I came up with enough to fill 2 posts!

Part 1 is about weirdo ways to save money on household expenses. Next week, I’ll share weirdo ways I’ve saved money on more personal expenses.

Buy used cars with cash

The most expensive car we’ve owned (the current one) was around £4,000. The car before was £2,500. And when we replace the current car, it will be around £4,000 to £6,000.

I’m not so weird that I walk round showrooms with a wadge of cash in my handbag, but we do save the money in advance and have it in our current account when we’re ready to purchase. The idea of buying a car on finance is completely foreign to me, although for many, it is the norm.


Buy cheap toilet rolls

I buy 18 rolls for £3.99 or under. I have to admit, the first time I bought a pack of 18, I did think people must wonder what kind of diarrohea nightmare was going on at our home. I felt like a bit of a weirdo.

I got over it pretty quickly.

I was concerned that such cheap loo roll would be so thin, you would use twice as much and not save any money. Fortunately, a work friend (#WeirdoWorkConversations!) reassured me that it was decent quality and I concur. We buy Nicky Elite and I recommend them to everyone.

Cook at home, rather than takeaway

Gradually, over 5 years, we have reduced the number of takeaways we order. We were never big takeaway eaters (at least I don’t think we were), probably averaging 2.5 takeaways for month.

In 2015, we cut this down to help pay for the holiday of a lifetime to 5 in the year, and in 2016 we had just three. Looking at it like that does seem a bit weird. But generally, in the week, when you’re used to not having takeaways, it seems normal.

I’m not completely weird, I do have lazy nights where I just throw a pizza in the oven!

Watch freesat TV

I must admit, we are currently going crazy with an amazon prime subscription for the first time!!

But we still have our freesat box, and this is what we’ve watched and recorded on over the last few years, saving that monthly payment going out.


There are some things we don’t use very frequently, such as a strimmer for the lawn, hedge cutters, power tools, large numbers of glasses, etc.

Rather than everyone in the family having their own, we often borrow things from my parents and lend them things we have.

Avoid must have kitchen gadgets

There are so many ‘must have’ kitchen gadgets. Spiralisers, coffee machines, smoothie makers, marshmallow toasters, you get the picture. Don’t get me wrong, they look pretty cool. There’s a whole marketing team making damn sure they look pretty cool. Most of these things will be used once or twice, before taking up space on the counter.

If you’re thinking of getting a new kitchen gadget, borrowing from someone who has one might be a better idea (if they don’t mind) so you can get an idea of if you would actually use it.

My must have kitchen gadgets are electric scales and a food processor. I went a bit wild last year, asking for a hand mixer for my birthday and it makes cakes super quick and easy.

You can be weird too!

If you’re trying to save money or pay down debt, or are just trying to avoid the growing presence of unneccessary kitchen devices on your worktops, maybe try out some things you wouldn’t normally do. Embrace being weird. You might find that weird is pretty normal after all.

What weird things do you do to save money on your household budget? Do they seem normal to you, have they become normal, or do they still seem a little odd?


2 thoughts on “Weirdo things I do to save money- part 1

  1. All of the weirdo things I do to save money seem completely normal to me after doing them for so long, so it can be hard for me to think of them.

    The one that comes to mind – I refill foaming hand soap dispensers. I’ve reused the same dispensers for years. I just buy a big container of hand soap, and when the dispenser is empty, I put a tiny bit of the soap in the bottom of the dispenser (it doesn’t take much) and fill it with water (tilt to mix).

    1. That’s just it- maybe when you start doing them, they can seem weird, but when you’ve done things for so long, it becomes normal. That’s a really good suggestion and not something I do already- I’m going to have a look into that 🙂

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