A perfectly festive weekend that doesn’t break the bank

A perfectly festive weekend that doesn’t break the bank

It’s so easy to spend money at any time of year, but especially at Christmas. I’ve got lots of ideas for saving money, but if the perfect something catches your eye for a loved one, you can soon find yourself spending money you didn’t intend to!

This weekend, my plans mean I’ll be having an ever so festive time, without constantly spending.

Tonight the plan is a ‘fakeaway’- pizza and chips (or more likely, potato wedges that are tastier, have more nutrients and are more convenient. Win, win, win!)- whilst watching one of our Christmas favourites, Elf. It’s easy to watch, good for a giggle (or laugh out loud) and obviously nice and Christmassy.

Tomorrow morning, my niece and I are off to the local library to do Christmas crafts. It’s 50p for her to take part, which I’m more than happy to pay to avoid having my own carpet covered in glitter! It means my sister will have a few hours to chill out (or more likely, run round like a headless chicken doing a million and one things while she hasn’t got the little one undoing all her tidying up!)

In the afternoon, it’ll be finally time to buy our tree. Each year, we have a real tree. The closer to Christmas you buy, the lower the prices. It’s the only ‘decoration’ we’ll buy this year, as I’m determined to stick to the decorations we already have.

In the evening, we’ll either watch another festive film (I’ve got a couple recorded on the freesat box) or, even better, have a go of a couple of our favourite board games. (I absolutely love playing board games. If there’s one thing I hope to get for Christmas, it’s a new game!)

Sunday will be a day of decorating and wrapping presents whilst streaming festive music. I’m really chuffed not to need to buy any paper this year, after getting some 10 metre rolls in the sale last year. No mulled wine this year, as we’ve learned we like the thought of it more than the taste. So nice hot cups of tea or maybe even a sneaky hot chocolate whilst we wrap.

In the evening, we’ll be going to a Carols by Candlelight service at our local church along with my parents. The only cost will be the donation to this year’s charity appeal.

I’m really excited by my festive weekend that won’t cost a fortune. What plans do you have in the lead up to Christmas?

2 thoughts on “A perfectly festive weekend that doesn’t break the bank

    1. I did thankyou, but I underestimated how exhausting my niece would be so we were lazy and watched a film, rather than playing a board game!

      It’s awesome to get those annoying ‘little’ jobs ticked off your list, especially when they save you money! You’ll be nice and toasty when you’re visiting people over Christmas 🙂

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