It sometimes pays to slow down

It sometimes pays to slow down

The busier you are, the more you can get done, and the more of your goals you can achieve. Right? I mean, that’s the reason we’re all so busy isn’t it? More shopping done, more batch cooking prepped, more house cleaned, more friends met, more books read, more decorations made… I can’t help but think that it sometimes pays to slow down.

There’s so much pressure, both in the online world and the real world. And at this time of year, there’s the added pressure to create the perfect Christmas filled with homemade goodies and handcrafted gifts (anything I try to make tends to look like it was made by a 5 year old. Obviously, it’s less charming than if it had been made by an actual 5 year old).

A few weeks ago, I felt so busy trying to juggle everything and the thought of Christmas was filling me with dread. So I took a little break from writing (and a few other things) to reset, and come back to my blog feeling refreshed and ready to write hopefully helpful stuff!

A few nights in Reykjavik was the perfect place to practice slowing down. Rather than trying to cram in everything we normally would, we spent some time simply wandering around the city, looking up and looking around. It’s a city with some of the most incredible street art that I could quite easily have been in too much of a rush to see. Check out some of the pics:



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I think my favourite is the building with the photo album page, I love how it looks like a photo has been torn off a page.

Slowing down in Reykjavik definitely paid off!


An unplanned day, or even a morning is a great way to slow down, but it’s not always possible. Here are a few other ways I like to slow down and relax.


Meditation and mindfulness

A few minutes of meditation guided by a youtube video has an incredibly relaxing affect that can last a day or 2, and really reduce the feeling of stress. Taking just 15 minutes often helps me feel energised to tackle more stuff.

Do something I’ve always wanted to do

It could be trying a new recipe or going on a walk that I’ve wanted to go on. By choosing something fun that’s not on the ‘to do’ list of chores can help you feel more in control and more positive about life. I really fancy having a go at baking gingerbread. No pressure on myself to provide a tray of gingerbread men for Christmas day, just an attempt at baking up a batch to scoff with a cup of tea or two!

Give yourself time off

There’s always a million and one things to do, but most of those will wait. Some of those things might transpire to not be important after all. I know people who have given up ironing. I no longer send Christmas cards, which saves time in writing and constantly arranging the hundreds received in those annoying card holders that keep falling down.

Taking some time away from the things that you’ve told yourself you must do helps you understand what is a genuine priority. And in my case, it has paid financially (because I gave myself more time to cook from scratch) and emotionally (I feel so much more relaxed about Christmas and am enjoying writing again). It definitely sometimes pays to slow down.



4 thoughts on “It sometimes pays to slow down

  1. I’ve been trying to slow down lately too. With kids and my husband home for Christmas, I want to take the opportunity to just slow down and be with them. I haven’t been giving myself the luxury of reading books in the past few months, so I also picked up a couple of books this weekend. It felt heavenly to sit down and read last night! We all need to slow down now and then.

    1. I hear you on the luxury of reading. I find that I sleep so much better if I get to read a chapter or 2 before falling asleep.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. It seems that the best time to slow down is also when you’re at your busiest.
    It helps you figure out what’s going on and sort out a plan of attack to get things done more efficiently.

    Reminds me of that cat stevens song “father and son” where he’s telling his kid to relax, sit down and think about things for a bit before rushing off to do stuff.

    1. You’re so right- the best time to slow down is when you’re at your busiest but it’s therefore the hardest.

      I’ll remember that song when I’m up to my eyeballs doing stuff that might not need doing 🙂

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