10 cheap fruits to help you eat well for less

10 cheap fruits to help you eat well for less

If you’re trying to eat well on a budget, it’s easy to put the ‘budget’ before the ‘eating well’. Check out this list of 10 cheap fruits to help you eat well for less.

It’s more difficult to find cheap fruit than it is to find cheap vegetables, but it’s also supposed to be better to eat more vegetables than fruit anyway.

It’s even more difficult to work out which fruits are cheap, because lots of fruits don’t have a price per weight, only per item. I’ve tried to pick the ones that do have a price per weight or where I could take an educated guess about the likely weight and relative value. Just like with the last post on vegetables, I thought up a load of fruits, added them to a shopping list on mysupermarket and had a look for which fruits you could get more of for your money! The prices were sometimes per 100 grams, sometimes per kilogram, and sometimes per fruit. Where possible, I’ve included the price in kilograms to make it easier to compare.

It then made me think, how would you know what the cost of the portion size would be? Well, according to Change4Life, a fruit portion size equates to approximately 80g. A portion of dried fruit is 30g, and 150ml of fruit juice also equates to one of your 5 a day.

So, here’s my list of 10 cheap fruits. Every single one comes in at £1.50 per kilogram or less!

These were based on prices at Asda, September 2016. Prices may be even cheaper in Aldi or Lidl, but in case you don’t have one near you, hopefully you’ll still at least be able to get some bargain veg!

1. Cucumber

42p per whole cucumber. Technically, cucumber is a fruit, so this made the list, and is a very reasonable 42p for a whole cucumber. A well as including in salads, you can eat cucumber sticks as a healthy snack between meals!

2. Bananas

68p per kilo. Apparently, Bananas these are the biggest seller for the US supermarket Walmart! They’re such a convenient fruit, packed with potassium and easy to eat on the go.

3. Orange juice from concentrate

69p per litre. Fruit juice (150ml per day) can be counted as one of your 5 a day, so this is an inexpensive and tasty way to easily add another fruit to your total.

4. Kiwi

69p for a pack of 6/ 11.5p per per fruit. With small fruit like kiwi, a portion size would be 2 kiwis, so the cost per portion is 23p. That seems like a reasonable price for a fruit that makes your day that little more exotic!

5. Peaches

80p per kilo. This price is based on a tin of peaches, which is always useful to have in your cupboard as it has a long shelf life and means your less likely to have fruit going off and having to be thrown away.

6. Passata

Another cheat, but tomatoes are technically a fruit and only 80p per kilo. Tinned tomatoes and passata are more or less the same price, and are 80% of the way to a nice easy pasta sauce.

7. Pears

A bag of conference pears comes in at the super low price of 83p per kilo. Maybe its because they’re in season, but these cost way less than apples right now, which feature in many trolleys every week.

8. Plums

Pick up a punnet of juicy plums. If you opt for a larger punnet, it will only cost you £1.13 per kilo (or £1.25 per kilo for the smaller punnet).

9. Sultanas

£1.38 per kilo. These are  over the £1 mark, but these are actually a bargain. Unlike fresh fruit, which 1 serving size is around 80g, with dried fruit, a serving size is 30g! You could eat these as a snack between meals, or kick of your day with a handful sprinkled in your cereal, or with yoghurt and granola- yummy!

10. Apples

£1.36 per kilo. Though technically cheaper than sultanas, as a fresh fruit the portion size is bigger, so they don’t offer quite as good value. As they say, an apply a day keeps the doctor away…

So there’s my list of 10 cheap fruits. And I’m going to throw an 11th in there; grapes. We’ve skyrocketed up to £3 per kilo and there are lots of fruits in between. But grapes really go head to head with blueberries, so before you shell out for these at £11.54 per kilo, you might be better going for the grapes that have almost the same health benefits.

So there’s my list of 10. It was much tougher to find cheap fruits than cheap vegetables, so if you’re really looking to save more money, opt for more vegetables.

Whoever you are and whatever you situation, if you’re trying to repay debt, live on a low income, save for your future or just want more cash to spend on swanky cars, this is a great list of 10 cheap fruits to help you eat healthily without spending a fortune.

Do you have any cheap fruit that you’d add to the list or tips to get more fruit into your diet?

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