Slow and steady wins the race

Slow and steady wins the race

I said in my first post that starting a blog is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. On numerous occasions, I’ve been captivated by the prospect of new challenges that I convince myself are the answer to financial independence. Beyond the initial excitement of my hare brained ideas, nothing further happens, and I’ve realised that slow and steady wins the race.

The closest I had to a photo of a hare…

When I bought a house with my now-husband, our aim was to become mortgage free. But after devouring every mortgage-free article I could find, I discovered a new concept; financial independence.

So, how does blogging help win the race?

  1. It’s the perfect place to set goals

Its said that by writing your goals down, you’re more likely to achieve them. In my experience, if you make a goal public, as I’ve done in the past on one of Money Saving Expert’s forums, you’re also more likely the meet or even exceed them.

  1. An avenue of exploration

A blog needs material, and to source new material to share with you, I’m expecting to read more, try out different money making and saving ideas, and experience new ways to appreciate life.

And, there’s more. I’ll be learning how to improve my writing, build a blog, getting out and about to take photographs that match the articles and hopefully, over time, learn about web development.

  1. Learning from others

Hopefully I’ll reach readers that find my blog interesting and useful and who are happy to share their tips and experiences with me through the comments section. I’m at an early point in my journey and eager to learn more from you!

  1. A potential avenue for income

Whilst one strand of financial independence is low spending levels, the other strand is high savings levels. I’ve read enough to know that blogging isn’t a sure fire or easy way to make money, and quite frankly, have no idea where I would start at the moment. But, it’s another example of number 2 on the list, an avenue to exploration, and even if I can’t use those skills in the here and now, in a world that is becoming increasingly digital, it can only be a good lesson to learn.

Since creating this blog, I’ve already been inspired to start reading Aesop’s Complete Collection of fables. Some of them are going to tie in perfectly with some of the posts I am planning, so watch this space!

Are you pursuing financial independence? What successes and set-backs have you had along the way?

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